Pieter de Jongh is a Professional football couch with more than 25 years experience all around the world working in different capacities mostly has head coach and technical director.

Working for four different football associations in the world and working has head coach for different football clubs making him all round coach Technical and tactical making players better brings structures and organization of different football clubs and associations.

His strong on discipline for the players which makes them perform well. He has worked with different cultures Europe, Africa and Asian. He brings success to the clubs and football associations where has worked around the world.

Football is biggest passion not only his job he eats and sleeps football all because he is passionate about success.

Due to exposure with different cultures, countries his clubs and association attracts media attention which attracts club and football associations sponsorships. The media have given him the name General due to his strict discipline.

From the start of his career until now his mentor has been former world star player Wim Rijsbergen

Wim Rijsbergen

In his role has Head coach and technical director for clubs and football association Pieter Dejongh always presents positive report to the media before, during and after matches. de Jongh bring strong leadership, management and communication skills to the clubs and associations which improves guarantee for success. He brings winners mentality in the total organization because he wants only success.